The Foundation course is scheduled for the Group I service officers of GoAP from 9th July, 2012 to 25th August, 2012 as the candidates selected have already reported in the respective departments.

The foundation course, introduces the young civil servants to the various avenues of governance, serves as launching pad for the inter services camaraderie. The endeavor is to groom them in commitment, team spirit, discipline and values and enthusiasm for performance.


Sl. Week Dates
1 Week-1 09-07-12 to 14-07-12
2 Week-2 16-07-12 to 21-07-12
3 Week-3 27-07-12 to 28-07-12
4 Week-4 30-07-12 to 04-08-12
5 Week-5 06-08-12 to 11-08-12
6 Week-6 13-08-12 to 18-08-12