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Subject Presented by
Habit - 6 Dr.K.Tirupataiah, IFS
CCS (LTC) Rules Sri. N.Radhakrishnan
CCS(Leave)Rules Sri. N.Radhakrishnan
Travelling Allownces Sri. K.Venkataramana
Handling of Govt. Litigation at C.A.T and Courts Sri. Y.V. Ramakrishna
Habit - 5 Dr.K.Tirupataiah, IFS
Habit - 4 Dr.K.Tirupataiah, IFS
Gender Sensitization Dr. V. Deepa Nair
Book Review Criteria  
Office Procedure - Noting & Drafting  
Office Procedure (RDDD, AOR)  
File Management  
Machinery of Government  
Habit - 3 Dr.K.Tirupataiah, IFS
Habit - 2 Dr.K.Tirupataiah, IFS
CCS (Conduct) Rules N. Radhakrishnan
Constitution of India  
Noting & Drafting Sri. K.S.Kumar
Parliamentary Procedure of India  
Records Management  
RTI Act Presentation K. Ram Gopal
Habit - 1 Dr.K.Tirupataiah, IFS
The 7-Habits of Highly Effective People - Part I Dr.K.Tirupataiah, IFS
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