Important GO's TS Govt Orders
1. G.O. MS-41 Delegation of Financial and Administrative Powers to Heads Training Institutes
2. G.O. Rt No. 915 GA()Dept-dt 17.03.1976 Creation of a post of Spl Officer of Administration
3. G.O. Rt No. 1315 GA (AC) Dept dt 25.03.1977 Declaration of IOA as Head of the Department
4. G.O. MS No. 27 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt 20.01.1986 Declaration of IOA as Nucleus Institute for all Trg Institutes in the state.
5. G.O. MS No. 188 GA (AR&T III) Dept dt 29.03.1988 Sanction of Training Incentives
6. G.O. MS No. 227 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt 04.07.2000 Sanction of Training Incentives - 15% BasicPay
7. G.O. MS No 177 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt 08.04.1996 Declaring the Commissioner, IOA as Head of the Department
8. G.O. MS No. 40 Fin & Plg (FW.AdmnI) Dept dt 25.01.1989 Merger of Accounts & Audit Training Institutions
9. G.O. MS No 55 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt.05.02.1997 Naming  IOA is Dr.MCR IOA
10. G.O. MS No 314 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt04.08.1998 Naming Dr.MCR IOA as Dr. MCR HRD Institute of A.P.
11. G.O. MS No 273 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt18.07.1998 Constitution of General Body
12 G.O. MS No 316 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt 05.08.98 Amendment to General Body.
13. G.O. Rt No 3232 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt.04.08.1998 Change of Designation of Commissioner as Director General
14. G.O. MS No 272 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt 18.07.1998 Constitution of Governing Body.
15. G.O. MS No 315 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt 05.08.1998 Amendment to Board of Governers
16. G.O. MS No 492 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt 19.11.1998 Admn&Financial Powers/Delegation of Powers to Dr.MCR HRD Institute of Andhra Pradesh
17. G.O. MS No 470 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt.16.11.1999 Constitution of a Subcommittee of Body
18. G.O. Rt No 2520 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt.16.06.1998 Nomination of District Collectors as Training Commissioners to oversee the training programmes in the respective districts
19. G.O. MS No 207 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt.31.07.2004 Reconstitution of Board of Governers
20. G.O. MS No 208 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt.31.07.2004 Reconstitution of Subcommittee
21. G.O. MS No 554 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt.20.09.2010 Nominating Minister School Education as Chairperson of Sub Committee
22. G.O. Rt No 327 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt.04.04.2000 Setting up of Dist Trg Centres
23. G.O. MS No 114 Finanace(TA) Dept dt.07.04.2010 Training Incentives as per IXth PRC Recommendations
24. G.O. MS No 561 GA(AR&T III) Dept dt.07.10.1989 Delegation of Financial & Administrative Powers
25. G.O. MS No 316 GA(Spl-B) Dept dt.16.07.1996 Scheme of Practical Training for IAS Probationers