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Course Material
Dr. MCRHRD IAP will design and develop the Course Material in the following  pattern for the proposed training programs
  1. Hand Books for 6th  and  7th Class Students (MS Office 2010)
    As per RVM furnished Hand Books (MS Office 2003 version)
  2. Course Material for Basic Computer Training Program
    Covering 6th& 7th Class Hand Books
  3. Hand Book for IT Infrastructure Establishment & Mtc.,
As per Government approved guidelines, procedures for establishment and maintenance of IT    Infrastructure
  4. Hand Book for usage of On-line Progress Monitoring System(PMS)
    As per functional requirements of PMS
  5. Course material for Advanced Computer Training Program
Covering 8th, 9th& 10th Class Syllabus , Basics on Database(ACCESS 2010), Basic trouble shooting    aspects of HW/SW/Networking and usage of latest electronic teaching aids/products
  6. Course material for ToT Training Program
    Covering Basic and Advanced Computer Training programs
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