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Under this program, the roles & responsibilities of Dr.MCRHRD IAP and RVM are
Dr. MCR HRD IAP: is responsible for planning, consultancy support for development of in-house capacity building on identified focused areas for implementation of program across state and the details are as follows:
a). Establishment of PMI Unit @ MCR HRD with dedicated resources for effective planning and        implementation of program
b). Planning and implementation of Training Programs proposed at State level duly providing necessary       training requirements including campus accommodation to the participants
  c). Design & Development of Course Material for all the Training programs planned under this program
  d). Constitution of Committee to finalize the publisher for award of printing and supply of course material
e). Consultancy support for establishment & effective maintenance of IT Infrastructure @ DIET        Centres/CAL Schools across State
f). Design & Development of Website for effective dissemination of program Information to the stakeholder      across State
g). Design, development and maintenance of On-line Progress Monitoring System(PMS) to the Program       requirements through Centre for Good Governance (CGG)
h). Physical assessment of DIET Centres across State and submission of reports to RVMA to initiate       necessary action
  i). Preparation of program cost assessment on yearly basis for implementation of Program.
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