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The following Training programs are planned for School Teachers and RVM Officials for transfer of ICT Knowledge/skillset under this program
1). ToT Training Program for school teachers @MCRHRD( 15 Days)
a). Identified resource persons at DIET Centres i.e., 5 Teachers  & Lecturer(1), total 6 Participants from each DIET Centre will be trained under ToT Program
    b). Total 138 Teachers in 9 Batches
           15 Participants per Batch, 2 Batches at a time in separate class rooms
   1st& 2nd Batch Covering 15 DIETs (2 Participants from each DIET Centre) followed by          remaining     seven batches
           Proposed to start from 19thNov 2012
  2). Basic Computer Training Program for school teachers @ DIET Centres( 6 Days)
Teacher’s  working at CAL Schools  i.e., 2 teachers per CAL school will be trained under Basic computer program
    Teachers trained under ToT program will act as resource persons
  3). Imparting ICT Education to school students @ CAL Schools( Academic)
Teacher’s trained under Basic computer training @ DIET Centres will impart ICT Education to school students
  4). Training on IT Infrastructure Establishment &Mtc., and Progress Monitoring  System (PMS)       @ MCRHRD(RVM Officials for 6 Days)
    AMOs, Lecturers(6 Days) & MIS Coordinators(2 Days) who are responsible for maintenance of DIET Centres/CAL Schools will be trained under this program
  5). Awareness Program to RVM officials (Through Video conference)
DEO, Dy.EOs, MEO, DIET Principals, Lecturers, POs, APOs & Sectoral Asst. Officers who are responsible for overall monitoring of program in the District will attend to this program
  6). Advanced Computer Training Program for school teachers @ MCRHRD(6 Days)
Teacher’s  attended to Basic training program at DIET Centres and imparting ICT Education to School students at CAL Schools will be trained under this program ( One teacher from each CAL School)
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