Key Contacts
Name  Designation Office Phone E-Mail
Sri B.P. Acharya, IAS(1983) Director General & E.O. Spl.
CS to Govt.
Sri Busani Venkateswara Rao, IAS(1993) Additional Director General +91-40-23548887
Smt. Divya Parmar Director (Admin) (FAC) +91-40-23543727
Sri M.P Sethy Chief Consultant(Training/E-learning) +91-40-23543596
Dr. Gautam Pingle Dean of Studies +91-40-23548487
Extn 222
Sri P.K. Sharma Chief Consultant(FC) +91-40-23543462
Extn 222
Dr. Shaik Mohammed Nabi Director(Training) +91-40-23548487
Extn 270
Smt. T.Padmavathi Administrative Officer +91-40-23548487
Extn 196
Smt. Sridevi Ayaluri General Manager(IT) +91-40-23548487
Extn 189
Sri D. Manohar GM(Facilities) I/C +91-40-23548487 
Extn 127