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Subject Presented by
Pay Scales  
Provisions of CCS (CCA) RULES 1965 Sri N. Radhakrishnan
FR/SR Miscellaneous Provisions  
AIDS to Processing & Checks on delays, Public Grievances etc.  
Reservation for SC/ST/OBC  
Reservation in Services  
Notes & Drafts  
Records Management Shri S.K. Das Gupta
Parliamentary Procedure of India Shri S.K. Das Gupta
Office Procedure - Revised Shri S.K. Das Gupta
Office Procedure Shri S.K. Das Gupta
Machinery of Government Shri S.K. Das Gupta
Importance of e-Governance Smt. Sridevi Ayaluri
CCS Conduct Rules Sri N. Radhakrishnan
Office Procedure Sri S. K. Das Guptha
Mahatma Gandhi - RTI Overview Sri P.M.K. Gandhi
Right to Information Act Dr.K.Tirupataiah, IFS
Travelling Allowance Sri K. Venkataramana
Principles of Natural Justice Dr Y. Pratap Reddy
National Pension System – 2004/2014 Sri K. Srinivasa Rao, Faculty
Income Tax Sri V.Jagadishwer, Sr Faculty
Delegation of Financial Powers Rules Sri K. Venkataramana
CCS(Leave) Rules Sri N. Radhakrishnan
Administrative Law Dr Y. Pratap Reddy
Habit - 1 Dr.K.Tirupataiah, IFS
An Eco Responsible Institute Smt. P. Subhodini
Welcoming is a Nice Tradition Sri P.M.K. Gandhi
The Temple of Learning Sri P.M.K. Gandhi
Abode of Learning Sri P.M.K. Gandhi
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